An interesting case of 28-year lady presented at our center with the complain of severe vomiting from 3 years. She underwent all possible investigations but nothing concrete would come out. Gastro enterologists of the city would put her on multiple antacids, anxiety pills but vomiting didn’t subside. She totally went on elimination diet meaning she tried stopping each and every food to see if food allergies are causing it. The whole family had now turned hopeless and they showed up at the Migraine Upkram saying “You are the last hope”. She was avoiding conception just because of the fear that pregnancy could aggravate her vomiting bouts and make her life even worse. Dr Jyoti Gandhi handled the case after a detailed history taking session. The inference was made out that this a reflux seen in Migraine though the patient had never had headache. She was put on chronic migraine treatment protocol and within first 20 days the vomiting subsided. Her treatment lasted for about 9 months and was completely treated.