A 40-year woman with Migraine at Migraine Upkram said that she gets bad headaches before her menstrual cycle. This is a classical symptom of Migraine. The headaches were this bad that she would fall unconscious because of it. 7-8 days of the month would go holding the head, tying it with a dupatta, vomiting for the entire day, falling on the floor but no relief in pain. She started having Migraine since her age of Menarche i.e. 14 years and all through her life she didn’t have migraine just for 2 years when she was pregnant and not menstruating. So, you cannot stop menstruation but that doesn’t mean that you learn to live with it. You can treat Migraine the moment you think you want to treat. Her treatment continued for 6 months and no more headaches disrupt her difficult days of the month.