Journey of Migraine Upkram

Migraine Upkram, a first of its kind, Pan India Migraine E- clinic has been founded by Dr Jyoti Gandhi, an Ayurveda Physician who holds more than 15 years of experience in treating patients. She has successfully treated Migraine patients countrywide across all ages with Ayurvedic treatment. The mission of this virtual platform is to help every Migraine Patient of the country get connected with the team of doctors and receive Ayurveda treatment sitting at the home. What makes this clinic different from others is that here technology is clubbed with Ayurveda. In addition to the medicines, we use a designed Migraine Tracker (MigLog) to keep a record of episodes of headache of a patient. We share the improvement graphs with the patient every quarter.



Success Stories

For us, there is almost no big a joy than to see a Migraine patient recover fully from the frequent painful episodes and live freely from the fear of attack. We have been achieving this in many patients across the country.

You Can Be the next story too