A 36- year male presented with history of Migraine from past 10 years. He was into Chemistry domain and he worked in labs where there was continuous loud sound of machines. He has been working in this industry from a decade. When he was at home during weekends, he never had headache but the loud sounds at work would trigger his migraine badly that he felt like banging the head on the wall. He had left no treatment unturned to get Migraine treated. So, what do you do in such case? You can leave the job for once but you cannot change the profession. In such cases, you need treatment and here Ayurveda can treat migraine. He was put on treatment protocol of Migraine Upkram and he never got a headache from the day we started treatment. A person who was contemplating to leave the profession for which he had worked so hard, just because of Migraine stayed back as now he has been completely treated.