A 15-year-old girl presented with continuous throbbing headache from the past three months. She was a badminton player and was getting trained in Hyderabad academy. She visited our centre with history of Migraine and no medicines seemed to work. Usually, Migraines are episodic but in some cases we have seen that the patient experiences continuous pain for 24 hours of the day. Lifestyleplays an important role in triggering Migraine. So, the question here was why would a healthy and fit girl get Migraine all of a sudden. When Dr Jyoti Gandhi spoke to the parents about her lifestyle, she could make out that every evening her mother would wake her up from a deep nap. The girl would be back in the academy for practice just 15 minutes after being woken up from deep slumber. This was going on from the past few months. This can give rise to headache when it happens on a daily basis. Immediate waking up from the sleep can aggravate Vata in the body which can give rise to headaches. Migraine patients say that if they are sleeping and a door bell suddenly rings then headache is bound to hover them. They feel a sudden jerk in the head and it starts aching.

She was given medicines only for two months and her headaches resolved. The headaches haven’t bounced back again even after 2 years of treatment.