An interesting case of 28-year lady presented at our center with the complain of severe vomiting from 3 years. She underwent all possible investigations but nothing concrete would come out. Gastro enterologists of the city would put her on multiple antacids, anxiety pills but vomiting didn’t subside. She totally went on elimination diet meaning she tried stopping each and every food to see if food allergies are causing it. The whole family had now turned hopeless and they showed up at the Migraine Upkram saying “You are the last hope”. She was avoiding conception just because of the fear that pregnancy could aggravate her vomiting bouts and make her life even worse. Dr Jyoti Gandhi handled the case after a detailed history taking session. The inference was made out that this a reflux seen in Migraine though the patient had never had headache. She was put on chronic migraine treatment protocol and within first 20 days the vomiting subsided. Her treatment lasted for about 9 months and was completely treated.

A 40-year woman with Migraine at Migraine Upkram said that she gets bad headaches before her menstrual cycle. This is a classical symptom of Migraine. The headaches were this bad that she would fall unconscious because of it. 7-8 days of the month would go holding the head, tying it with a dupatta, vomiting for the entire day, falling on the floor but no relief in pain. She started having Migraine since her age of Menarche i.e. 14 years and all through her life she didn’t have migraine just for 2 years when she was pregnant and not menstruating. So, you cannot stop menstruation but that doesn’t mean that you learn to live with it. You can treat Migraine the moment you think you want to treat. Her treatment continued for 6 months and no more headaches disrupt her difficult days of the month.

A 36- year male presented with history of Migraine from past 10 years. He was into Chemistry domain and he worked in labs where there was continuous loud sound of machines. He has been working in this industry from a decade. When he was at home during weekends, he never had headache but the loud sounds at work would trigger his migraine badly that he felt like banging the head on the wall. He had left no treatment unturned to get Migraine treated. So, what do you do in such case? You can leave the job for once but you cannot change the profession. In such cases, you need treatment and here Ayurveda can treat migraine. He was put on treatment protocol of Migraine Upkram and he never got a headache from the day we started treatment. A person who was contemplating to leave the profession for which he had worked so hard, just because of Migraine stayed back as now he has been completely treated.

A 15-year-old girl presented with continuous throbbing headache from the past three months. She was a badminton player and was getting trained in Hyderabad academy. She visited our centre with history of Migraine and no medicines seemed to work. Usually, Migraines are episodic but in some cases we have seen that the patient experiences continuous pain for 24 hours of the day. Lifestyleplays an important role in triggering Migraine. So, the question here was why would a healthy and fit girl get Migraine all of a sudden. When Dr Jyoti Gandhi spoke to the parents about her lifestyle, she could make out that every evening her mother would wake her up from a deep nap. The girl would be back in the academy for practice just 15 minutes after being woken up from deep slumber. This was going on from the past few months. This can give rise to headache when it happens on a daily basis. Immediate waking up from the sleep can aggravate Vata in the body which can give rise to headaches. Migraine patients say that if they are sleeping and a door bell suddenly rings then headache is bound to hover them. They feel a sudden jerk in the head and it starts aching.

She was given medicines only for two months and her headaches resolved. The headaches haven’t bounced back again even after 2 years of treatment.

A 46-year woman had been suffering from Migraine for 25 years now. She lost her father unexpectedly when she was 21 years old. For days, she kept crying continuously and started getting headaches. The headaches kept turning bad with each passing day and her ordeal of moving from one doctor to other started. Decades after, she visited Migraine Upkram and the case was handled by Dr Jyoti Gandhi. She had been suffering from bad vascular headaches.

It is written in Ayurveda texts that over lamenting, crying, grief can give rise to headache. This case was such one. The patient responded very well to the treatment from the first month itself. She also had claustrophobia where she used to get afraid seeing a closed room or a car. These symptoms subsided eventually with the treatment. Ayurvedic treatment of migraine doesn’t focus on one symptom but handles the disease holistically.