A 46-year woman had been suffering from Migraine for 25 years now. She lost her father unexpectedly when she was 21 years old. For days, she kept crying continuously and started getting headaches. The headaches kept turning bad with each passing day and her ordeal of moving from one doctor to other started. Decades after, she visited Migraine Upkram and the case was handled by Dr Jyoti Gandhi. She had been suffering from bad vascular headaches.

It is written in Ayurveda texts that over lamenting, crying, grief can give rise to headache. This case was such one. The patient responded very well to the treatment from the first month itself. She also had claustrophobia where she used to get afraid seeing a closed room or a car. These symptoms subsided eventually with the treatment. Ayurvedic treatment of migraine doesn’t focus on one symptom but handles the disease holistically.