migraine in child

Migraine can affect anyone irrespective of age, sex, gender.

It does affect children, teen aged adults and young people. In fact, whenever I ask a chronic patient of Migraine since how long he has been suffering from it, the common reply I get is “When I was in class IV, V, VII.” But due to ignorance or lack of awareness it is an overlooked problem in children.

The headaches in children are often disbursed as excuses in some families. All the parents do is get the eyes checked but they do not know it can be migraine. During teen age, there is an uprise of hormones and this hormonal upswing can be the primary reason for Migraine.

Moreover, you must have seen the anger bursts, frustrations, throwing tantrums is common in children during these years. This is manifestation of aggravated Pitta in the body which is again a causative factor for Migraine.

Nowadays, children are getting used to ultra-modern lifestyle. Cheese and chocolates are the things they like binge eating which are worst triggers of Migraine. They go to bed late and have to get up early for their classes.

It is highly likely, that they are deprived of adequate sleep which is the foremost reason of getting headaches.

It is easier to treat migraine in its early stage so if your child complaints of headache, do give a call here to understand if this is Migraine.